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International Projects

Grace Ministries International has long been involved in many international projects, spanning over three different continents to date. Below you may view some of the our recent projects.

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Conference & Retreat Center

Because of the decades of persecution of the Church in Ukraine under Communism, the church has had little to no facilities. In addition, the years of financial persecution of Christians continues to cripple the church there. In Kiev, a city of almost 3 million people, there are less than a dozen churches who own their building (other than Russian Orthodox). One of the biggest needs of the Church in Ukraine, particularly in the Kiev region, is a good and affordable conference/retreat center. It’s hard for us in the U.S. to believe it, but it just doesn’t exist there. One American missionary working with churches across the nation told us that this was, in his opinion, the greatest need of the Ukrainian church. They need them for all the reasons we do – leadership retreats, leadership conferences, pastors conferences, youth camps, children’s camps, worship and other ministry seminars and conferences, marriage conferences and retreats, etc. – and even more so, since they don’t have a church facility to use for these kinds of things. We have purchased 4.5 acres on a lake, less than 1 hour drive from Kiev. Our goal is to build a conference/retreat center for use by the churches of the Kiev region.

Kingdom Families Translation

In Genesis 18:18-19, God says that he will fulfill His promise to Abraham (that through him all the nations of the earth would be blessed), as Abraham trains us his children to walk in the ways of the Lord. We, the church, are Abraham’s seed, and we are the heirs to this promise (see Galatians 3:29). When we fulfill our condition, God will certainly fulfill His. We need to take serious our responsibility to raise children beyond simply those whose eternal resting place is heaven, and become equipped to raise children whose passion is the King and His Kingdom coming (manifest) in this earth. We are actively translating the heralded “Kingdom Families Seminar” in various languages of the world. The 8-disc DVD teaching is done with “voice-over” in the native language, and the workbooks and supplemental manuals are also translated for their use with the DVD’s. Churches in these foreign countries are using these materials in small groups settings done over eight weeks, as well as in large venues with a more standard conference schedule. This project is a blessing in two ways. First, we receive a continual stream of testimonies and reports of wonderful change from families in these nations. When Myles goes to these nations in person, at almost every meeting he will have a line waiting for him at the close of the meeting, waiting to share, and cry, and give thanks for the dramatic changes that have taken place in their families because of this teaching. Many have driven hours to meetings, just for the opportunity at the end to express their heartfelt gratitude. Secondly, we take all proceeds from the sales of these materials, and put it back into that nation for the building up of the local church.

New Church Facility Construction

George and Vali Mihailov pastor a dynamic church in Lovech, as well as overseeing a network of over 40 churches scattered throughout this former communist nation. Through an incredible series of circumstances arranged by the Lord, they have ended up with a huge building less than one block off of the main pedestrian square of the city. They are currently trying to complete the reconstruction and remodeling of this facility, which will house the church and numerous outreach ministries into the city and region. In addition, their church hosts many national conferences, including the annual National Worship Conference, so this facility will bless churches throughout the nation.

Drilling Rig

We helped purchased an entire water drilling rig for Bishop Mark Kariuki and the over 700 churches in the network he oversees. Kenya has periodically had droughts, and therefore shortages of water for drinking and irrigation of crops. We had purchased grain from neighboring Uganda when famine was at its worst. The water drilling rig was a natural extension of these efforts. With this rig, they have been able to provide water for countless villages. And through these acts of kindness, they have planted churches in un-reached areas.

New Church Facility Construction

We partnered with Pastor Sasha Ozeruga to complete the construction of the main church in their church network. For the first time, their congregation of over 300 has restrooms and heat in the winter. The church building has enabled them to continue the dynamic growth of the congregation and add to their numerous activities of serving their city. The building fulfills the vision of Sasha’s father, who, as a pastor in the old Soviet Union, lived a life of intense persecution, including ten years in a Siberian prison camp for his faith. Before his father died, he sketched out a church building, which their architect and builder faithfully followed.

Establishing the First Evangelical Christian School

Working with Jacek & Ania Weigl in Warsaw, Poland, we helped to establish the first evangelical Christian school in the nation of Poland. In only three years, the results have been nothing short of amazing. They have already opened their second school in Poznan, and this year will open the third school in Krakow. The next step is to secure a building of our own in Warsaw, rather than continuing to rent a building. Rents have risen dramatically with Poland coming into the European Union, and there is a continuing problem (for this school, as well as for churches) of losing their rental location due to persecution by Catholic authorities. The fruit of the work is clearly evident. It needs to be supported financially by those with these resources in the Body of Christ (“…each part doing its work”).

Orphanage Construction

We partnered with Bishop Mark Kariuki and Pastor Paul Mwakio, of Life Celebration Center in Nakuru, Kenya, to help supply and expand two orphanages outside of Nakuru, which is Kenya’s fourth largest city. At one, we have recently purchase additional acreage next to one of the orphanages, in order for it to expand, have more play area for the children, and for additional land for growing food crops for their use. The other orphanage is for young girls whose parents have died from AIDS. Without any means of support, they are forced into street prostitution at ages as young as 11.